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PBC News & Comment: Deal w/Iran, Roger Shuler Spends Birthday in Jail

Alabama reporter Roger Shuler turns 57 in jail today, WhoWhatWhy’s David Krajicek interviewed Shuler; Zionists apoplectic over Iran nuke deal…Shuler interview is here.  Peter B. Needs You!  Subscribe today.

–Obama and Kerry deserve credit for pursuing deal with Iran, howls of protest from Netanyahu and the AIPAC lobby in US

–NSA has inserted spy malware in 50,000 computer networks worldwide, as NY Times reports on NSA’s grand plans to get all existing data

–former NSA analyst Russ Tice notes wave of car break-ins reported by CNN, using a black box that hacks electronic locks;  Tice says FBI and other agencies have had this gizmo for years

–Protests greet Obama, on fundraising vist to San Francisco

–protests recently in Thailand, Pakistan (over US drones) and Ukraine

–Egypt’s military dictators ban protests, boot Turkish ambassador

–CIA is still running drone attacks in Yemen and Pakistan, despite comments from Obama and Brennan that Pentagon should control them

–heavily redacted report on Sandy Hook does not explain the heavy secrecy imposed, or offer a motive for Adam Lanza’s killing spree

NY Times op-ed compares Wisconsin (Republican, tax cuts, union busting) with Minnesota (Democrat, tax increases, investments in schools) and Minnesota outperforms on all counts