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PBC News & Comment: Deal w/Iran, Roger Shuler Spends Birthday in Jail

Alabama reporter Roger Shuler turns 57 in jail today, WhoWhatWhy's David Krajicek interviewed Shuler; Zionists apoplectic over Iran nuke deal...Shuler interview is here.  Peter B. Needs You!  Subscribe today.

--Obama and Kerry deserve credit for pursuing deal with Iran, howls of protest from Netanyahu and the AIPAC lobby in US

--NSA has inserted spy malware in 50,000 computer networks worldwide, as NY Times reports on NSA's grand plans to get all existing data

--former NSA analyst Russ Tice notes wave of car break-ins reported by CNN, using a black box that hacks electronic locks;  Tice says FBI and other agencies have had this gizmo for years

--Protests greet Obama, on fundraising vist to San Francisco

--protests recently in Thailand, Pakistan (over US drones) and Ukraine

--Egypt's military dictators ban protests, boot Turkish ambassador

--CIA is still running drone attacks in Yemen and Pakistan, despite comments from Obama and Brennan that Pentagon should control them

--heavily redacted report on Sandy Hook does not explain the heavy secrecy imposed, or offer a motive for Adam Lanza's killing spree

--NY Times op-ed compares Wisconsin (Republican, tax cuts, union busting) with Minnesota (Democrat, tax increases, investments in schools) and Minnesota outperforms on all counts