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PBC News & Comment: Dreamer Shouts at Obama to Stop Deportations

At San Francisco photo-op, immigrant prop refuses to remain silent, challenges Obama over 2 million deportations--Obama tries to mislead....Get a free audiobook of your choice, and support the PBC Podcast! Sign up for free, no-risk trial at

WTF!? NSA boss Alexander offered to resign, and White House refused

--Snowden has "doomsday cache" for insurance

--Julian Assange has heard from leakers who say he won't be prosecuted by US, seeks confirmation from a named source

--Rev. Billy explains the charges against him for protesting at JP Morgan, in this excerpt fromour in-depth interview

--CBS either suspended Lara Logan, or put her on leave, over Benghazi blunder

--CIA had "Penny Lane" program at Guantanamo, to bribe or threaten prisoners to become double agents

--only 6% of federal government IT programs succeed, read it here

--Australian woman wins 12-year fight against US sailor who raped her in Japan and was protected by his chain of command

--China asserts airspace control over disputed islands

--PBC gets conflicting emails from Shanghai companies about using the PeterBCollins domain in China, one called "Huamai"