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PBC News & Comment: How Low Does the NSA Snooping Go?

Latest Snowden revelations from Glenn Greenwald at Huffington Post show NSA used porn viewing, other tactics to undermine Muslim leaders...Get a free audiobook of your choice, and support the PBC Podcast! Sign up for free, no-risk trial at

--Microsoft is taking steps to encrypt its networks against NSA spying

--journalist Roger Shuler will be spending Thanksgiving in jail.  Drop him some snail mail c/o SHelby County Jail, 380 McDow Road, Columbiana, AL 35051

--Supreme Court takes two cases where owners of privately held corporations want to impose their religious views on employees by restricting health insurance coverage of some contraceptives

--Obama administration proposes new IRS rules about nonprofits' political activity

--Steve Horn reports on another US-Canada pipeline, and the cleanup of the September tar sands spill in North Dakota

--Russia frees most of Greenpeace crew

--Italy's bunga bunga man, Silvio Berlusconi is booted from parliament

--L. A. council members want to restrict food giveaways to homeless

--Pope criticizes capitalism and "trickle-down" economics