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PBC News & Comment: Sen. Feinstein and Rep. Rogers Stoke Fear of Terrorism

House and Senate Intel chairs promote fear of terrorism, desperately trying to maintain domestic spying programs–they have no credibility….Click here for free audiobook download from and support this podcast at no cost to you!

Opening music by Vic Sadot, see the video of Mad Cowboy Disease 2013 here

–SUNY/Buffalo investigation reveals 700,000 names on US watch lists, as Stanford PhD student trial begins, challenging her placement on a list

–in Fort Worth, Texas, motorists stopped at roadblock for “voluntary” DNA collection

–problems persist at leaves intensive care

NY Times editorial calls for cuts to military pay, but PBC says “Hell, NO”

–we list some recent Pentagon spending on contractors, compiled by Christian Sorenson at

–new video series “BFP Roundtable” launches with release of pilot featuring Sibel Edmonds, James Corbett and PBC

–Politico ran a story about liberal talk, your humble host is quoted

–protests continue in Kiev over Ukraine’s tilt toward Russia

–protests continue in Thailand over corruption

–investigative reporter Beau Hodai reveals conflicts of interest in Arizona Governor’s inner circle, shifting state inmates to private prisons