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PBC News & Comment: NSA Dragnet Collect 5 Billion Cellphone Locations Daily

Latest Ed Snowden leak via Washington Post: NSA collects cellphone location data on Americans, “incidentally”, keeps it “intentionally”Click here for free audiobook download, and support the PBC Podcast with the same clicks!

In an excerpt from the in-depth interview, Coleen Rowley gives first-person impressions of Ed Snowden.

–tapes of 911 calls during Sandy Hook shooting last December are finally released, after Rachel Maddow advocated suppression

–US showing more leadership in Israel-Palestine peace talks, will offer security plan for West Bank

–Hezbollah’s top military commander is murdered in Beirut

–new forensic study says Arafat did not die of polonium poisoning

–fast food workers plan to strike in 100 cities Thursday

–former SF mayor Willie Brown used his Chronicle column to apologize to Obama for the human prop who interrupted the president’s remarks about immigration legislation, and weekday columnist Jon Carroll responded

–U of Michigan Prof. Juan Cole has a great list of 10 ways the US is corrupt

–Dennis Trainor Jr. has produced some very catchy TV ads promoting an amendment to nullify Citizens United