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PBC News & Comment: Sy Hersh Reveals ObamaCo “Cherrypicking” Intelligence on Sarin Attack in Syria

Obama’s Syria chemweapons gambit compared to LBJ’s Gulf of Tonkin deception in new expose by Seymour Hersh; interesting, but incomplete…Click here for free audiobook download, and Audible will kick in to support the PBC Podcast!

Hersh’s article, Whose Sarin? which was declined by New Yorker, Washington Post, and NY Times, is here.

–Nelson Mandela’s death produces many fine tributes, some from hypocrites who supported the apartheid South African governments

–Silicon Valley tech giants sign joint letter to Obama to reform NSA

–“This sucks!”  even before it has passed the full Defense bill, the Senate has agreed with House negotiators to keep Guantanamo open and reject the Gillibrand amendment on sex crime prosecutions in the military

–fracking protesters in Romania overrun Chevron shale site

–study links Texas earthquakes to fracking

–fears of radioactive water from Fukushima reaching California are downplayed by top nuke regulator

–corporate Democrat Blanche Lincoln, former Senator from Arkansas, reveals her true colors, now lobbying for Monsanto

–Clear Channel stations in San Francisco and LA will dump all progressive talk shows on January 1, barely a whimper is heard from the listeners