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PBC News & Comment: Gitmo’s First Commander Says “It’s Long Past Time to Close Guantanamo”

We get comment from super lawyer Michael Ratner on strong statements by Gitmo’s first commander about closing Guantanamo prison…Click here for free audiobook download and generate $15 for the PBC Podcast from Audible!

Ratner, President Emeritus of the Center for Constitutional Rights, comments on a blunt and persuasive op-ed by Maj. Gen Michael Lenhart USMC-ret., who opened the prison in Cuba in 2002

–AP defies White House, publishes story about FBI agent Levinson¬† imprisoned in Iran after wayward CIA mission

–Kim Jong Un has his uncle executed as he consolidates power in North Korea

–UN reports that chemical weapons have been used at least 5 times in Syria in past year, including August 21

–Israel halts expulsion of Bedouins from Negev communities

–Obama’s NSA panel floats part of its findings:¬† keep spying on Americans while improving PR

–Senate study on rendition, detention and torture is still suppressed a year after completion

–Hillary Clinton kisses up to Wall Street bankers in speech that reportedly pays her $400,000

–Steve Horn reports that fracking kingpin Aubrey McClendon has lots of capital and new leases in Ohio’s Utica shale

–Oklahoma City now has regular earth tremors from fracking, and last week a 4.5 magnitude quake caused visible damage

–Mexico’s conservative president wants to break up Pemex and allow foreign oil companies to drill in Mexico