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PBC News & Comment: Inside NSA, “Debate” Over Amnesty Offer to Snowden

Over the weekend, NY Times buried its report that NSA bigwigs are considering an amnesty offer to whistleblower Ed Snowden….Click here for free audiobook download, and generate $15 to the PBC Podcast from Audible!

And The Times reported on a topic we explored here several weeks ago: how much material did Snowden actually take from classified files?  The Times says we may never know, because the Honolulu contractor firm did not yet have tracking software.  But our exclusive report from Russ Tice and Bill Binney indicated that NSA intentionally did not track internally.

A federal judge today ruled that the NSA phone records collection program is “likely unconstitutional”; details not available at deadline.

–FBI prevented another domestic terror incident it helped spawn, this time in Wichita, Kansas

–Roger Shuler remains unlawfully imprisoned in Shelby County, Alabama.  Here are the two blogs mentioned:  Popehat and Bashinsky

–2 Saudi men released from Guantanamo, now 160 remain

–House Oversight committee looks at EPA employee who conned the agency out of about $1 million, GOP looking to blame EPA chief McCarthy

–Darrell Issa’s committee is also looking into groups providing “navigators” for Obamacare, and James O’Keefe has some of his propaganda videos to show the committee

–group of 5,000 US college professors endorses BDS–boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel

–from Colorado to New York state, sheriffs are refusing to enforce modest new gun laws, as the killing continues