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PBC News & Comment: Snowden Seeks Refuge in Brazil as Court Opens Legal Floodgate

Monday’s Washington Snowden storm:  White House rejects amnesty as Obama meets with angry tech execs and court rules against NSA…Click here for free audiobook download, and generate $15 to PBC Podcast from Audible!

Press secretary Jay Carney punctured the NSA trial balloon about amnesty for Ed Snowden, as Snowden offers to help Brazil confront NSA spying in exchange for permanent asylum.  And as tech CEO’s meet with Obama and Biden about the healthcare website, the techies press their demands to rein in NSA.

–Judge Leon’s ruling in case brought by right wing nut, Larry Klayman, who told the court that “NSA is messin’ with me”; despite which, the judge granted standing to Klayman and ruled in our favor

–we serve up an excerpt from our important interview with Max Blumenthal about his book, Goliath

–6 US soldiers die in copter crash in Afghanistan

–Senate preliminary vote clears path for budget deal, a modest achievement for the worst Congress in recent history

–Navy insists on conducting sonar and live fire drills that will kill whales and dolphins in Atlantic and Pacific

–billionaire Tom Steyer of San Francisco’s latest project is to pass an oil extraction tax

–historian Gray Brechin uses op-ed to break the news to readers of S.F. Chronicle about conflicts of interest between Sen. Dianne Feinstein and her millionaire husband, Richard Blum….will the paper assign its own reporters to investigate?