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PBC News & Comment: In White House Reversal, Report of NSA “Reform” Panel to be Released Today

In change of plans, White House to release today report from panel of spooks that suggests cosmetic changes at NSA….Click here for free audiobook download that generates $15 for the PBC Podcast from Audible!

report from FAIR shows how CBS 60 Minutes let John Miller, a former intel spinmeister, report on the NSA and interview Keith Alexander

–Brazil says “No” to Snowden asylum request

–Senators lightly grill nominee for CIA Counsel job, seeking CIA internal probe of torture and the Justice memos that authorize targeted killing

–71 journalists killed worldwide in 2013

–Catholic bishops win round in court over Obamacare contraception policy

–Democrat named winner of Virginia race for attorney general, Bradblog provides best coverage

–Syrian warplanes kill 100 in Aleppo

–phone companies refuse to allow smartphone “kill switch”, which would allow owner to disable a phone if stolen

–where in the world is Daniel San Diago?, asks the FBI

–two of the biggest nuts on the godsquad have died, Fred Phelps and Harold Camping