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PBC News & Comment: Obama, Putin and Sean Penn Free Prisoners

Obama pardons 13, commutes 8 crack offender sentences; Putin frees 2,000 in Russia, Sean Penn brings American home from Bolivia....Click here for free audiobook download, and generate $15 to PBC Podcast from Audible!

--ex-CIA director Woolsey says Ed Snowden should be tried for treason and hanged

--Obama's buddies on the NSA reform panel deliver 300-page report with 46 recommendations, but not a single one will end unconstitutional spying on Americans in the US

--Google discloses 2013 requests from governments to remove material, and the US is NOT #1

--in UK, Parliament panel releases its list of 27 questions about British involvement in US torture and rendition programs--could it lead to a real investigation of American violations?

--fine print in new Pentagon budget bill eases restrictions on releasing prisoners from Guantanamo, minor victory for ObamaCo

--violence and death continue in Syria, and plague South Sudan

--2013 was a really bad year for reproductive rights, and we recap the coordinated effort at the state level to block access to abortion

--in an email, Liz Cheney whines that "liberal Republicans" like McCain are colluding to defeat her Senate bid from Wyoming