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PBC News & Comment: Finally, Bernie Sanders Pops the Million-Dollar Question!

Sen. Bernie Sanders asks the question we’ve been pounding for months: are top elected leaders being spied on by NSA?…Click here for free audiobook download that generates $15 to PBC Podcast from Audible!

Here is the link to the video of the satire song, Just Trust Us.

NSA’s response to Sanders: members of Congress have same rights as the rest of us, which means, um, not many.

–debate continues about clemency or plea-bargain for Snowden

–new California bill would attempt to limit NSA spying here

–Glenn Greenwald responds to critics about his new media deal with Omidyar and Snowden’s stipulation that documents not all be released at once;  Sibel Edmonds continues her critique of Greenwald, raising more important questions

Washington Post and Center for Responsive Politics team up for major expose on latest web of Koch-funded secret networks

–Steve Horn reports that North Dakota rail car oil explosion included other dangerous chemicals

–far-right radio host Laura Ingraham feeds alarums to her fans over non-existant threats to right-wing talk, even as it expands its dominance over commercial talk radio

–desperate California Republicans refocus their hate on transgender students and bathroom insecurities

–Liz Cheney drops out of Wyoming Senate race

–Supreme Court freezes gay marriage in Utah

–Falluja falls again, lazy US media ties fighters there and in Syria to alQaeda

–movie and music producer Saul Zaentz dies

–Phil Everly of the Everly Brothers dies at 74, here is Joel Selvin’s candid tribute