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PBC News & Comment: Nick Turse Reveals Expanded Footprint of US Special Ops Forces

Journalist Nick Turse reports on quadrupling of US special operations forces worldwide since 2001; next target: our very own "homeland"...Click here for free audiobook download that generates $15 for PBC podcast from Audible!

Read Turse's important report here

--Bob Gates, Bush loyalist and former Defense Secretary, has new book that says Obama came to doubt the wisdom of his "surge" in Afghanistan

--2 more drone strikes in Afghanistan in past 2 days

--the recent takeover of Falluja has hawks and neocons calling US withdrawal from Iraq a mistake

--new book names peaceniks who broke into FBI office in 1971 and gave Cointelpro documents to media;  watch the video here

--former CIA officer Philip Giraldi has important comments on CIA torture and memo connecting Saudis to 9/11

--"uber-lib" new mayor of New York, Bill DiBlasio, taps Bill Bratton to return as top cop; Bratton appoints John Miller to key post--the cop/"journalist" who recently fed softballs to NSA's Alexander on 60 Minutes

--JP MorganChase agrees to pay large fine, but escapes criminal prosecution for its role in Madoff scams

--US media avoids coverage of Fukushima crisis and reports of higher levels of background radiation on coast of California

--in San Francisco, tech giants agree to pay pennies to use public bus stops for their private shuttles, icons of our local class war