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PBC News & Comment: Nick Turse Reveals Expanded Footprint of US Special Ops Forces

Journalist Nick Turse reports on quadrupling of US special operations forces worldwide since 2001; next target: our very own “homeland”…Click here for free audiobook download that generates $15 for PBC podcast from Audible!

Read Turse’s important report here

–Bob Gates, Bush loyalist and former Defense Secretary, has new book that says Obama came to doubt the wisdom of his “surge” in Afghanistan

–2 more drone strikes in Afghanistan in past 2 days

–the recent takeover of Falluja has hawks and neocons calling US withdrawal from Iraq a mistake

–new book names peaceniks who broke into FBI office in 1971 and gave Cointelpro documents to media;  watch the video here

–former CIA officer Philip Giraldi has important comments on CIA torture and memo connecting Saudis to 9/11

–“uber-lib” new mayor of New York, Bill DiBlasio, taps Bill Bratton to return as top cop; Bratton appoints John Miller to key post–the cop/”journalist” who recently fed softballs to NSA’s Alexander on 60 Minutes

–JP MorganChase agrees to pay large fine, but escapes criminal prosecution for its role in Madoff scams

–US media avoids coverage of Fukushima crisis and reports of higher levels of background radiation on coast of California

–in San Francisco, tech giants agree to pay pennies to use public bus stops for their private shuttles, icons of our local class war