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PBC News & Comment: Obama Mulls NSA Changes, Talks to Critics

President Obama is meeting with a range of people, including the ACLU and critical senators, about changes to surveillance programs…Click here for free audiobook download that generates $15 for PBC podcast from Audible!

Oooops! When first uploaded, this podcast opened with dead air.  It’s fixed now, with thanks to Carl Howard for alerting me.

–our latest in-depth interview probes the dark money networks of the Koch brothers, who pumped $400 million into 2012 elections through a dizzying array of entities that keep changing their names; we hear an excerpt from Robert McGuire of the Center for Responsive Politics

–Senate moves closer to reinstating unemployment benefits for longterm unemployed

–Obama names 5 poverty zones for special program, but he forgot Detroit

NY Times Supreme Court correspondent Adam Liptak explains the 50-year-old empty promise of legal counsel for the poor

–Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Attorney General Eric Holder deoplore abuses of “zero tolerance” policies

–80 NY retired cops and firefighters accused of false disability claims linked to 9/11

–NJ Gov. Christie tries damage control over aides who schemed to create big traffic jam in Fort Lee

–Palestinians fight back, hold settlers who attacked farmers

–scandal grows in Turkey as Erdogan removes 150 cops to slow investigations

–PR agent representing murky Becket Fund, which claims responsibility for Obamacare challenge from Little Sisters of the Poor, trips over himself as he declines to provide a spokesperson to appear on this show.