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PBC News & Comment: Obama Mulls NSA Changes, Talks to Critics

President Obama is meeting with a range of people, including the ACLU and critical senators, about changes to surveillance programs...Click here for free audiobook download that generates $15 for PBC podcast from Audible!

Oooops! When first uploaded, this podcast opened with dead air.  It's fixed now, with thanks to Carl Howard for alerting me.

--our latest in-depth interview probes the dark money networks of the Koch brothers, who pumped $400 million into 2012 elections through a dizzying array of entities that keep changing their names; we hear an excerpt from Robert McGuire of the Center for Responsive Politics

--Senate moves closer to reinstating unemployment benefits for longterm unemployed

--Obama names 5 poverty zones for special program, but he forgot Detroit

--NY Times Supreme Court correspondent Adam Liptak explains the 50-year-old empty promise of legal counsel for the poor

--Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Attorney General Eric Holder deoplore abuses of "zero tolerance" policies

--80 NY retired cops and firefighters accused of false disability claims linked to 9/11

--NJ Gov. Christie tries damage control over aides who schemed to create big traffic jam in Fort Lee

--Palestinians fight back, hold settlers who attacked farmers

--scandal grows in Turkey as Erdogan removes 150 cops to slow investigations

--PR agent representing murky Becket Fund, which claims responsibility for Obamacare challenge from Little Sisters of the Poor, trips over himself as he declines to provide a spokesperson to appear on this show.