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PBC News & Comment: What Would Elvis Do About Government Spying

Elvis would’ve been 79 yesterday, as we note that White House conversations on spying don’t include key NSA whistleblowers….Click here for free audiobook download that generates $15 from Audible to the PBC Podcast!

Former top-ranking NSA insiders write open memo to Obama detailing failures and fraud at NSA, along with 21-point agenda for reform.

–reforms include repeal of the blank check–AUMF–given Bush and successors after 9/11;  Sen. Rand Paul is introducing repeal bill

–as we hear in this excerpt from the latest Processing Distortion podcast, CIA veteran Philip Giraldi predicts that FISA court may be shut down

–NJ Gov. Chris Christie in full damage control mode, sacking underlings and apologizing for political-payback traffic jams in Ft. Lee

–California Gov. Jerry Brown has first healthy budget in years, paying down Arnold’s wall of debt

–Gov. Andrew Cuomo of NY offers wimpy medical marijuana distribution, at just 20 locations in his sprawling state

–Alaska voters qualify initiative to legalize weed

–in email screw-up, Navy FOIA reviewers reveal how they try to limit responses to freedom of information act requests

–bills introduced in House and Senate to “fast track” approval of Trans-Pacific Partnership may not pass in either house

–State Department designates one individual and two groups “terrorists” in Benghazi;  NY Times published detailed recap of the attack in 2012, confirming no connection to al Qaeda, an actual connection to the anti-Muslim video, and that the coverup was driven by CIA covert ops