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PBC News & Comment: After 12 Years, the Myths of Gitmo Linger

12 years ago this week, Bush opened the Guantanamo prison, pretending it was beyond the reach of laws against torture…Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and generate $15 to the PBC Podcast!

A Yemeni man expected to be held indefinitely without charge or trial was cleared for release by a Gitmo review panel today.

–Miami Herald describes clampdown by management of Guantanamo, observer says it’s “worse than McCarthy”

–Fox “News” runs fact-challenged screed from former Pentagon spinmeister attacking journalists who cover Gitmo and activists fighting to close it, using McCarthy-type smears and guilt by association

–NSA leaders push to maintain as much domestic surveillance as possible

–anti-NSA activists petition Stephen Colbert to cancel paid speech at RSA conference, because RSA reportedly took $10 million from NSA and inserted back door in encryption software

–media overkill on Christie’s bridge scandal displaced more important news

–in West Virginia, drinking water for 200,000 declared unsafe

–in Oklahoma, two protesters are being charged as terrorists for unfurling a protest banner and spreading glitter at oil company office; Steve Horn comments in an excerpt from our in-depth interview

–federal judge in NY pens op-ed, asking why no Wall Street criminals have been tried

–in new book, Bob Gates says we tried to rig the 2009 election in Afghanistan in 2009; Karzai defies his puppeteers, release 72 prisoners that US insisted on holding without charge or trial