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PBC News & Comment: NY Times Covers Roger Shuler’s Illegal Detention

NY Times finally runs a story on Roger Shuler, journalist detained in Alabama behind unconstitutional rulings, proceedings, with some key omissions….Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and generate $15 to PBC Podcast!

The Sunday Times 1/12/13 prominently featured the first story about the unlawful detention and treatment of blogger Roger Shuler.  We break the story down, noting major omissions, and compliment Salon’s Natasha Lennard for deleting a comment about Shuler at my request.

–Supreme Court hears oral arguments on validity of Obama’s “recess appointments”, which depend on the definition of “recess”

–Supreme Court turns down appeal of Arizona abortion restriction law

–Sunday’s NY Times also laid out GOP gains in state government, and the resulting 70 abortion restriction laws passed in 2013

–Christie’s bridge scandal morphs into federal audit of the spending of hurricane Sandy funds

–we note that Christie coverage blacked out important news on tainted water in W. Virginia, the fast track legislation for Trans Pacific Partnership, and a memo from NSA whistleblowers to Obama

–in a coma since 2005, Israeli leader Ariel Sharon was declared dead on Saturday

–Sharon’s strategy of expanding settlements and blaming Palestinians continues to this day

–another American academic group passes resolution critical of Israeli policies

–in the final stage of Egypt’s military coup last July, Gen. al-Sisi is asking people to ask him to run for president, Mubarek 2.0

–our cyberwarriors should stop spying on innocent Americans, and track down the crooks who hacked Target, Nieman-Marcus

–50 years ago, the surgeon general’s report on tobacco led to huge changes: we thank Dr. Stan Glantz of UCSF; Mark Pertschuk and Julia Carol of Americans for Nonsmoker’s Rights, and Jane Fonda, who funded them.