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PBC News & Comment: NY Times Covers Roger Shuler’s Illegal Detention

NY Times finally runs a story on Roger Shuler, journalist detained in Alabama behind unconstitutional rulings, proceedings, with some key omissions....Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and generate $15 to PBC Podcast!

The Sunday Times 1/12/13 prominently featured the first story about the unlawful detention and treatment of blogger Roger Shuler.  We break the story down, noting major omissions, and compliment Salon's Natasha Lennard for deleting a comment about Shuler at my request.

--Supreme Court hears oral arguments on validity of Obama's "recess appointments", which depend on the definition of "recess"

--Supreme Court turns down appeal of Arizona abortion restriction law

--Sunday's NY Times also laid out GOP gains in state government, and the resulting 70 abortion restriction laws passed in 2013

--Christie's bridge scandal morphs into federal audit of the spending of hurricane Sandy funds

--we note that Christie coverage blacked out important news on tainted water in W. Virginia, the fast track legislation for Trans Pacific Partnership, and a memo from NSA whistleblowers to Obama

--in a coma since 2005, Israeli leader Ariel Sharon was declared dead on Saturday

--Sharon's strategy of expanding settlements and blaming Palestinians continues to this day

--another American academic group passes resolution critical of Israeli policies

--in the final stage of Egypt's military coup last July, Gen. al-Sisi is asking people to ask him to run for president, Mubarek 2.0

--our cyberwarriors should stop spying on innocent Americans, and track down the crooks who hacked Target, Nieman-Marcus

--50 years ago, the surgeon general's report on tobacco led to huge changes: we thank Dr. Stan Glantz of UCSF; Mark Pertschuk and Julia Carol of Americans for Nonsmoker's Rights, and Jane Fonda, who funded them.