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Journalist Steve Horn Returns to Update us on Tar Sands, Fracking, the North Dakota Rail Tanker Explosion, and much more

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Steve Horn of DeSmogBlog is our Go-To Guy on environmental reporting related to fracking, tar sands, and the reckless expansion of resource exploitation in the US.  We recap recent events, including OK tar sands protesters being charged as terrorists; the Dec. 30 train tanker explosion in North Dakota, Warren Buffet’s investments in dirty oil industries, Koch brothers’ toxic pet coke dump in Chicago, more!Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and they will send $15 to PBC Podcast!

Horn is a prolific reporter, and you can read his recent work here, here, and here.

We open with the story of two young tar sands protesters who were arrested for unfurling a banner and spreading glitter at an oil company’s office in Oklahoma; they are being charged for a “terrorism hoax” instead of a minor crime like trespassing.  Horn talks about the efforts to marginalize activists in Oklahoma and North Dakota related to the Keystone XL pipeline, and influential Obama advisors like Anita Dunn, who now represents TransCanada.

Horn provides detailed information on the December 30 train wreck and explosion of tankers loaded with tar sands mixed with volatile chemicals in Casselton, North Dakota.  He also talks about recent legislation that provides some regulation of fracking in California and Illinois, and proposals for moratoria on fracking in both states–where Dem governors tilt toward industry.  We comment on MoveOn’s new campaign against fracking, and Horn previews his new article for about the dangerous petroleum coke dump on Chicago’s south side that’s owned by the less-visble Koch brother, William.