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PBC News & Comment: Journalist Shuler Marks 4 Months in Jail, as Media Blitz Justin Bieber’s DUI

Corporate media outlets offer detailed coverage of pop star’s arrest, as Roger Shuler marks 4 months in jail, no end in sight…Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and generate $15 to the PBC Podcast

Read Andrew Kreig’s detailed recap of the Shuler case here.

–privacy panel issues 238-page report on NSA, calls for shutting down phone metadata collection

–NSA and other agencies contract out security clearance process to USIS, which failed to complete 40% of its background checks

–Arizona state senator introduces bill to ban state cooperation with NSA

–PBC corrects an error:  Rachel Maddow did cover Obama’s NSA speech last week

–bipartisan panel reports on huge delays for voters in Nov. 2012, but fails to takcle the real efforts to block voter participation

–Obama just named another panel to look into rapes on college campuses

–appeals court blocks Shell from drilling in Arctic this summer

–Freedom Industries waited a week to report another chemical that leaked into Elk River, tainting the water

–Israel reports it broke up an al Qaeda plot to attack US embassy in Tel Aviv

Washington Post’s report on CIA black site in Poland is chilling, provides basis for indictments for torture

–Bill Hartung reveals that Lockheed-Martin’s claims of jobs produced by F-35 program are wildly exagerated