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PBC News & Comment: Journalist Shuler Marks 4 Months in Jail, as Media Blitz Justin Bieber’s DUI

Corporate media outlets offer detailed coverage of pop star's arrest, as Roger Shuler marks 4 months in jail, no end in sight...Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and generate $15 to the PBC Podcast

Read Andrew Kreig's detailed recap of the Shuler case here.

--privacy panel issues 238-page report on NSA, calls for shutting down phone metadata collection

--NSA and other agencies contract out security clearance process to USIS, which failed to complete 40% of its background checks

--Arizona state senator introduces bill to ban state cooperation with NSA

--PBC corrects an error:  Rachel Maddow did cover Obama's NSA speech last week

--bipartisan panel reports on huge delays for voters in Nov. 2012, but fails to takcle the real efforts to block voter participation

--Obama just named another panel to look into rapes on college campuses

--appeals court blocks Shell from drilling in Arctic this summer

--Freedom Industries waited a week to report another chemical that leaked into Elk River, tainting the water

--Israel reports it broke up an al Qaeda plot to attack US embassy in Tel Aviv

--Washington Post's report on CIA black site in Poland is chilling, provides basis for indictments for torture

--Bill Hartung reveals that Lockheed-Martin's claims of jobs produced by F-35 program are wildly exagerated