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PBC News & Comment: I’m Not “Ready for Hillary”

Obama election team merges with Clintonistas, using superPAC to court fat cat donors; your humble host ain’t ready to settle…Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and generate $15 to PBC Podcast!

NY Times mag serves up gossippy map of the Clinton networks, along with some FOB’s and FOH’s who have been eased out of the circle

–Clinton protege Attorney General Eric Holder admits big conflict between federal government and states with legal cannabis, but doesn’t offer solutions

–Holder to decide whether to seek death penalty in Boston bombing case

–Holder invites Snowden to return to US to plead guilty

–Snowden says he’d like to come back, but espionage charges and lack of whistleblower protections would deny a fair trial

–Russians say Snowden asylum can be extended

–Crytpographer group slams NSA spying

–Pentagon report says our monitoring of nuclear proliferation is weak to non-existant, suggests NSA get involved

–despite paying $20 billion in fines last year, the board of JPMorgan Chase gave Jamie Dimon $8.5 million raise

–Michigan governor unveils scheme to attract immigrants to Detroit

–FDA plans to revise food labels–will they include GMO disclosure?

–teen criminal Max Wade gets 20 years plus for attempted murder and Hollywood-style heist of Lamborghini