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PBC News & Comment: TransCanada Gets Early Valentine from NY Times a Day After Pipeline Blast

Front page NYTimes highlights risks of shipping tar sands crude by rail, with subtle push for pipelines, as one explodes….Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and generate $15 to the PBC Podcast!

PBC sniffs pro-Keystone propaganda as TransCanada gas pipeline produces massive explosions in Manitoba

–national surveillance state update of the day:  NSA hacks apps like Angry Birds and Google maps

–Snowden appears on German TV to report NSA conducts industrial espionage, more coming soon; he also responds to threats-by-leak, as anonymous government employees threaten to kill him

–Supreme Court extended injunction sought by Catholics blocking contraceptives in health insurance for secular employees

–Adam Liptak of NYTimes notes that Supreme Court’s ugly decision in Korematsu enabled detention of Japanese Americans, and that the Hedges vs. Obama challenge to NDAA detention asks to overturn Korematsu

–in ope-ed, academics agree with sentiments of Tom Frank, that gerrymandering is not the Dems biggest problem

–in Egypt, violence continues as Gen. al-Sisi says he will run for president, and his cronies promote the US-Backed dictator to field marshall

–massive protests continue in Kiev and Bangkok

–peace deal takes hold in Phillipines, ending 13-year civil war that claimed more than 120,000 lives