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PBC News & Comment: After 40+ Years, We Finally Learn Who Leaked FBI Cointelpro Papers

We open with excerpt from our in-depth interview with author Betty Medsger about FBI disclosures from activists who raided FBI office…Click here for free audiobook download from Audible that generates $15 to PBC Podcast!

In this clip, Medsger explains Hoover’s enemies list, called the Security Index, and how he defied orders to shut it down.

–State of the Union message garners very low expectations, we relate Jesse Kornbluth’s fantasy speech, and Will Durst’s drinking game.

–and we ask if Obama will mention climate change, announce denial of Keystone XL, push back on new limits to abortion and contraception…

–we had to go to Jerusalem Post to learn that US Congress secretly authorize shipping small arms to “moderate rebels” in Syria

–Israeli warplanes struck Syria this past Sunday

–House bill would waive need for visas for Israelis visiting the US

–Palestinians in stalled peace talks limit Israeli military presence in West Bank to 3 years after accord is reached

–Ukraine boss throws entire cabinet out, protesters not impressed

–new, anonymous kangaroos form virtual court to review status of prisoners at Guantanamo

–we pay tribute to Pete Seeger, who just died at age 94, with “Guantanamera”