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PBC News & Comment; GOP House Responds to Obama’s Speech: F@#& You!

Rejecting Obama’s call to address income inequality, GOP-controlled House votes to cut deeper into Food Stamps, expand farm subsidies….Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and generate $15 to the PBC Podcast!

Cee-Lo Green’s F-bomb song opens the podcast, as Republicans flip off Obama’s call to address income and wealth gaps.

–Rep. Grimm (R-NY) threatens harm to reporter in post-speech interview

–Gen. Clapper testifies before Senate Intel Committee, appears to avoid perjury this time

–Hillary Clinton says Benghazi is her greatest regret as Secretary of State

–infographic details the high odds of dying from terrorist attack

–Crazy Karzai blames US for recent raids that killed Afghan civilians–is he a lunatic, or crazy like a fox?

–Texas governor candidate Wendy Davis fights back as opponents quibbble over her personal story

–in California, state senator Rod Wright is convicted of voter fraud

–17 communities here may run out of water soon due to drought

–drone used by border patrol was ditched in the Pacific near San Diego after mechanical problems developed

–North Dakota man is convicted of resisting sheriff’s who used drone surveillance without warrant

–listeners offer helpful tips for PBC’s earworm crisis