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PBC News & Comment: Obama Backs Clapper-the-Liar, Names New NSA Boss

Obama ignores advice from his pals on NSA Review Panel in naming new NSA boss, and dissembles in backing James Clapper…Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and generate $15 to the PBC Podcast!

Lots of news on the surveillance state today:

–in Tapper interview, Obama rationalizes Clapper’s perjury

–Obama ignores the advice of his hand-picked NSA panel, choosing an intel insider and military leader to run NSA

–Jason Leopold’s FOIA for NSA talking points is rejected, due to “grave harm to national security”

–federal judge in Chicago orders evidence derived from domestic spying turned over to defense; in Colorado, defendant seeks to suppress evidence derived from illegal surveillance

–Vermont is 12th state to consider legislation to nullify NSA spying

In other news:

–Obama signals he will cave on path to citizenship in immigration “reform”

–after this show was recorded, the White House fulfilled PBC prediction that Keystone enviro report would be dumped late on Friday of Superbowl weekend

–PBS reported massive die-off of our Pacific coast starfish population, entertained many possible causes, but not Fukushima

–Scientists are testing kelp off Malibu for radiation from Japan

–Public Citizen leads lawsuit challenging FEC’s failure to define Karl Rove’s GPS as a political committee

–Superbowl commercial for Israeli company that operates from illegal settlements in West Bank features Scarlet Johansen, who just resigned from board of Oxfam as a result

NY Times editorial notes that both superbowl teams are from the states that legalized cannabis, but NFL still penalizes players caught smoking the weed