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PBC News & Comment: Crisis Grows at US Nuclear Command

America’s nuclear command is in crisis, as number of supected cheaters triples, Pentagon addresses low morale, bad commanders, security risks…Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and generate $15 to support the PBC Podcast!

–Ed Snowden nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

–Snowden files show NSA spied heavily on 2009 climate change conference

–as Senate Judiciary Committee passes bill to reduce senseless minimum mandatory sentences, “Justice” Dept. asks lawyers to file clemency requests for drug offenders

–AG Eric Holder decides to seek death penalty in Boston bomber case

–one bouquet, one brickbat for NYC Mayor DiBlasio:  he kept his promise to fix stop/frisk policies; NY Jews protest the mayor’s recent pledge of loyalty to AIPAC

–on Friday, there will be protests against the Trans Pacific Partnership in 50 cities in North America

–Ukraine leader takes medical leave in the middle of crisis that seeks his ouster.  Eric Draitser offers important background in this article at BoilingFrogs Post

–at show trial of Egypt’s Mohammed Morsi, the deposed president is caged behind soundproof glass and US silence shows support for military dictators

–some important briefs at Supreme Court highlight the idiocy of claims that corporations can claim religious freedom

–Henry Waxman says he’s retiring from the House after 40 years