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PBC News & Comment: Budget Office Stats Don’t Bode Well for Obamacare

Congressional Budget Office numbers show major Obamacare flaws; now can we move forward with the real solution, Medicare for All?Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and they’ll kick in $15 to the PBC Podcast!

House Judiciary Committee offers ugly deal to Obama:  kill the metadata collection and we’ll let you keep the Patriot Act

–in this excerpt from German TV interview, Ed Snowden tells what triggered his whistleblowing

NY Times reports that AIPAC has lost ground in its recent effort to lobby Senate to add more sanctions on Iran

–on Sunday, that same paper published an op-ed quibbling with the accuracy of the “apartheid” label, while proving it’s accurate

–Afghan leader Karzai’s recent erratic behavior is explained as posturing for the Taliban while conducting secret talks

–al Qaeda HQ cancels the franchise of one of the “rebel” groups in Syria

–new law in Saudi Arabia outlaws almost every kind of dissent

–court order in Pennsylvania bans fracking opponent from 40% of the land in the county she lives in

–fisherman who left south Mexico 13 months ago washes ashore in the Marshall Islands, at least 6,500 miles from his starting point