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PBC News & Comment: Budget Office Stats Don’t Bode Well for Obamacare

Congressional Budget Office numbers show major Obamacare flaws; now can we move forward with the real solution, Medicare for All?Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and they'll kick in $15 to the PBC Podcast!

House Judiciary Committee offers ugly deal to Obama:  kill the metadata collection and we'll let you keep the Patriot Act

--in this excerpt from German TV interview, Ed Snowden tells what triggered his whistleblowing

--NY Times reports that AIPAC has lost ground in its recent effort to lobby Senate to add more sanctions on Iran

--on Sunday, that same paper published an op-ed quibbling with the accuracy of the "apartheid" label, while proving it's accurate

--Afghan leader Karzai's recent erratic behavior is explained as posturing for the Taliban while conducting secret talks

--al Qaeda HQ cancels the franchise of one of the "rebel" groups in Syria

--new law in Saudi Arabia outlaws almost every kind of dissent

--court order in Pennsylvania bans fracking opponent from 40% of the land in the county she lives in

--fisherman who left south Mexico 13 months ago washes ashore in the Marshall Islands, at least 6,500 miles from his starting point