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PBC News & Comment: Brown Tells California Farms: No Water Transfers This Year

Gov. Brown cuts all water transfers to farms due to drought, PBC suggests red-blue coalition to preserve water: ban fracking….Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and trigger a $15 payment to the PBC Podcast!

–White House announces new “climate hubs” to support farms through climate change

–in Chicago, NATO 3 case nears end, judge refuses to dismiss terrorism charges

–Texas will execute a woman today,  Suzanne Basso, whose murder conviction appears very weak

–CVS drug chain announces it will stop selling cigarettes

–last US drone strike in Pakistan was on Christmas day, and January was first month in 2 years without a drone hit there

–UN panel on rights of children slams Vatican for coverups of child sex crimes by priests

–in this Sunday’s NY Times Magazine, there is a lengthy article on Turkey and the role of Fetullah Gulen, who lives in self-imposed exile in Pennsylvania

–Libya says it has destroyed all chemical weapons;  Syria is still working on it

–Rep. Paul Broun, (extreme R-GA) emails your humble host with an offer that could win him an AR-15 rifle