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PBC News & Comment: Mother Jones Finds Document Listing Billionaire Koch Donors

Scrappy Mother Jones magazine exposes the fat cat one percenters who feed the Koch brothers political operation--$400 million in 2012...Click here for free audiobook download from Audible that generates $15 to the PBC Podcast

--Lefty billionaire Tom Steyer rankles Dems, as he toys with attack ads on Sen. Mary Landrieu in Louisiana

--Democrats strategize to hold Senate, and don't think Landrieu will survive--Sandra Fluke, who said she would run for the House seat just vacated by Henry Waxman, instead will run for state senate

--LA cops who shot at civilians during chase for ex-cop, are reinstated

--Boehner blames Obama for the fact that Boehner cannot unite his caucus on immigration reform

--former FERC head draws attention to attack on Silicon Valley electrical substation last April

--David Swanson points out that US arms are killing innocent people in Fallujah, again

--Egypt's top general says he has no choice, will run for president