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PBC News & Comment: Proposed Comcast Merger Would Create Media Monster

Vertically-integrated media giant Comcast wants to swallow Time-Warner Cable; without net neutrality, Comcast would have monopolist power in many markets…Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and generate $15 to support this podcast!

–18 House members urge Obama to reclassify marijuana

–Dem House leader Pelosi announces her opposition to fast track for TPP

–journalist group deplores the impact of NSA surveillance on reporters

–it wasn’t easy, but your humble host waded in, got signed up for new health insurance under Obamacare

–Chinese villagers stage attack on polluting factory

–federal grand jury launches criminal investigation of huge coal ash spill from idle power plant in North Carolina, owned by Duke Energy

–“killers on the loose” from prisons in Iraq, Afghanistan

–Calitics offers excellent analysis of deal reached by Gov. Brown to reduce prison population under federal court orders

Public Citizen continues fight against Facebook over its use of teen users’ photos and names in ads, without parental approval