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Monarch Butterfly Population in Sharp Decline, Details from Pollinator Expert Victoria Wojcik

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Monarch butterfly populations are experiencing an alarming decline for third straight year.  We talk with Victoria Wojcik, research director at Pollinator Partners, about monarchs and honeybees, which are recovering from colony collapse.Click here for free audiobook download from Audible that generates a $15 contribution to support this podcast.

As reported in the NY Times on January 30, estimates of migrating monarchs and their shrinking habitat at southern wintering sites indicate a catastrophic collapse–90% in some cases.

Vicki Wojcick is an expert on pollinating creatures, and research director at Pollinator Partners.  She helps your humble host, who is not well-versed in these scientific matters, understand the remarkable migratory history of monarchs and the indicators of their decline and possible causes.  To learn more, and check your backyard’s potential for monarch habitat, click here.

She also updates us on the recovery of honeybee species following severe colony collapse a few years ago.