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PBC News & Comment: Top Spook James Clapper has Regrets

Intelligence Director James Clapper says he regrets that NSA didn't reveal domestic spying plans right after 9/11,  when fear ruled.....Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and generate $15 to the PBC Podcast!

--Snowden's newest:  NSA used British and Australian spy networks to spy on Americans while pretending it was legal;  Assange calls for special prosecutor to investigate

--like Clapper, Justice Dept. is caught in a lie that it denies, for using surveillance info in federal court trial in Oregon

--from Snowden docs, NY Times reports that NSA used Australian intel agency in end-run that spied on US law firm

--just before court martial set to begin, lead prosecutor resigns from prosecution of Gen. Sinclair for rape

--Gitmo prosecutors add problematic charge of conspiracy in a case

--Justice Dept. issues new guidelines for banks to handle cash from legal cannabis sales

--UAW is defeated in vote at VW plant in Chattanooga

--13 killed in Kiev as police break up protest

--39-year-old Matto Renzi likely next Italian prime minister

--in this excellent essay, Peter van Buren looks at the claimed power of the president to order people killed, even Americans

--ex-CIA office John Kiariakou reports on retaliation for his "letters from Loretto" prison