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PBC News & Comment: Top Spook James Clapper has Regrets

Intelligence Director James Clapper says he regrets that NSA didn’t reveal domestic spying plans right after 9/11,  when fear ruled…..Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and generate $15 to the PBC Podcast!

–Snowden’s newest:  NSA used British and Australian spy networks to spy on Americans while pretending it was legal;  Assange calls for special prosecutor to investigate

–like Clapper, Justice Dept. is caught in a lie that it denies, for using surveillance info in federal court trial in Oregon

–from Snowden docs, NY Times reports that NSA used Australian intel agency in end-run that spied on US law firm

–just before court martial set to begin, lead prosecutor resigns from prosecution of Gen. Sinclair for rape

–Gitmo prosecutors add problematic charge of conspiracy in a case

–Justice Dept. issues new guidelines for banks to handle cash from legal cannabis sales

–UAW is defeated in vote at VW plant in Chattanooga

–13 killed in Kiev as police break up protest

–39-year-old Matto Renzi likely next Italian prime minister

–in this excellent essay, Peter van Buren looks at the claimed power of the president to order people killed, even Americans

–ex-CIA office John Kiariakou reports on retaliation for his “letters from Loretto” prison