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Special Appeal for New Audio Equipment!

As you may have noticed, the audio in our podcasts has been a little uneven recently.  About 2 weeks ago, a critical amplifier fritzed out, and since then we’ve had intermittent distortion and other problems.  My personal tech guru, Raul Velez, is on the way with a new mixer and other gear.  Can you help me with this unexpected expense?We need to raise $1,000 to pay for the equipment and to pay Raul for his time and expertise.  (Raul is a dedicated listener, too!)

Here are the ways you can pitch in:

–take out a new monthly subscription, maybe at the $10 or $20 level

–take out a new annual subscription, get our bonus CD and kickass Kona coffee

Click here for subscription options.

–make a one-time contribution of any amount, via Paypal (direct to or mail a check to Collins Media Services, Box 100, Mill Valley, CA 94942

–you can also take advantage of the free trial subscription at Audible, and they will send PBC $15.  Click on the banner ad to the left, or here

If you want to help but can’t spare any coin, please put the squeeze on friends and family to subscribe, donate, or take the Audible offer.  And I ask every PBC listener to spread the word and/or share our free daily podcast on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks for any help you can deliver!