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PBC News & Comment: “Religious Freedom” is No Excuse for Discrimination Against Gays, Muslims, or Critical Catholics

Arizona passes bad law, federal judge OK’s police spying on Muslims, British Catholics censor song, video on abuse by priests…..Click here for free audiobook from Audible, and kick in $15 to the PBC Podcast!

–Arizona passes anti-gay law disguised as religious freedom

–In New York, federal judge rules that NYPD surveillance of mosques doesn’t violate rights

–Ooberfuse uninvited to Catholic conference in Britain over anti-abuse song and video

–American Psychological Assn. rejects effort to consider ban on members aiding military interrogations and torture

–Detroit bankruptcy plan limits pain for pensioners

–Conservative activists claim victory over GE’s climate change efforts

Crackdowns around the world:

–In Ukraine, Yanukovych signs deal with “protesters”

–Venezuela cracks down on protesters

–Pakistan cracks down on Taliban, with rare attacks in N. Waziristan

–Syrian talks broke down, no indication of new talks as spring offensives loom

—Iran talks  go well, monthly meetings planned

–St. Steve Jobs to be featured on US stamp