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PBC News & Comment: Death Squad Dance in the Obama White House

More official leaks fuel debate over drone assassination of alleged al Qaeda leader "al-Shami", who was born in the US....Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and kick in $15 to the PBC Podcast!

--FBI employment lawsuit reveals 1993 contact with bin Laden

--3 senators slam NSA/GCHQ spying on Yahoo webcams, plan to investigate

--Crimea is flashpoint in Russia/Ukraine standoff

--Yanukovych holds news conference in Russia

--Greenwald defends Moazzem Begg, former Gitmo prisoner now held in UK, read it here

--AIPAC week ahead, Netanyahu leads pushback on boycotts of Israel

--dirty coal ash spill in North Carolina exposes real dirty politics

--rare video from Supreme Court, as activist challenges corporate power

--Netflix/Comcast deal weakens Netflix as opponent of Comcast mega merger

--Veterans benefits bill dies in Senate

--filibuster change on judicial nominees has ugly side effects

--administration takes steps to open Atlantic coast to oil and gas drilling

--FDA in process to revise food labels, no indication that GMO's will be disclosed

--Jim Lange, San Francisco radio god and host of The Dating Game, dies at 82