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PBC News & Comment: Russia Secures Crimea as NeoCons Hammer Obama

Skepticism is critical as Ukraine crisis house of mirrors obscures the truth about this conflict, John Kerry’s idiocy apparent to all….Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and generate $15 to the PBC Podcast!

Read the Pando article about Omidyar’s funding of Ukraine opposition groups here, and read Glenn Greenwald’s response here.

–Ukraine Navy chief surrenders to Russians, charged with treason

–Kerry’s laugh line:  You don’t invade on a pretext

–NY Trial on bin Laden’s son-in-law started today

–Gen. Sinclair sex court martial starts Tuesday

–Hundreds of Keystone protesters arrested at White House, in SF

–Problems continue at nuclear dump in New Mexico

–Siegelman, Shuler groups at Selma march this Sunday, March 9;  Roger Shuler in court on Luther Strange case this Wednesday

–beatings and rapes by staff common at women’s prison in Alabama

–St. Steve Jobs forged “no poaching” agreements with other Tech companies