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As RT Anchor Abby Martin Shows Courage on Crimea, NY Times Smears Her as “Truther”

Russia Today anchor Abby Martin shows courage in criticizing Russia’s moves in Crimea, NY Times blog slimes Martin as “Truther”….Click here for free audiobook download from Audible that will pay $15 to the PBC Podcast!

–Putin slams US in news conference, won’t rule out use of force

–Kerry in Kiev, offers $1 billion, repeats his mocked statement

–Netanyahu visit downplayed due to Ukraine coverage

–Kevin Gozstola reports on Supreme Court denial of NSA case brought by Center for Constitutional Rights

–Sprint accused of overcharging govt agencies for wiretaps

–Telecoms balk at holding phone metadata for NSA

–Steve Horn refers us to article on Buffet’s oil-by-rail investment s

–Jason Leopold advances the story of Moazzem Begg’s arrest last week in Britain

–Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin, injured, deported from Egypt

–Rob Okun of Voice Male comments on male aggression and its connection to socialization

–Sacramento scandal; state senators tolerate convicted and accused members

–federal Judge rules against changes to California parole policy by initiative or legislation