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Journalist Robert Parry and Former CIA Analyst Ray McGovern Unpack the Crisis in Ukraine, a Neocon Production

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McGovern was a Soviet specialist at CIA, and gave daily briefings to President Reagan.  He opens with a brief history of Russia and Ukraine and historic insecurities.  Parry, who reported for the Associated Press and Newsweek, explains the role of American neocons in scheming against Russia since the Soviet breakup, with a goal of driving a wedge between Obama and Putin to promote an attack on Iran and military action in Syria.  Neocon Victoria Nuland, assistant secretary of state, has bragged that US has spent $5 billion in support of the opposition in Ukraine, and recent reports suggest that snipers in Kiev who killed protesters were part of the opposition.

We talk about the competition between NATO and Russia to align with Ukraine, Russia’s control of energy resources, and many other aspects of this showdown.

Parry is quite critical of the US media, as once again it revises the narrative to fit the US government perspective.  Parry and McGovern are both critical of Secretary of State Kerry, especially for his hypocritical comments about invading nations in violation of international law.

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