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PBC News & Comment: Run Bernie, Run!

John Nichols interviews Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who's considering running for president in 2016; it's great news for progressives...Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and they'll kick in 15 bucks to the PBC Podcast!

--read the Nichols-Sanders interview here.

--Obama denounces Crimean separation, spins Kiev govt as legit, democratic; hear an excerpt from Robert Parry interview on the Neocon role in Ukraine

--Senate kills the stronger anti-rape-in-military measure by Sen. Gillibrand (D-NY), passes weaker bill by Sen. McCaskill (D?-MO)

--Gen. Sinclair pleads guilty to 3 charges

--CIA denies spying on Senate Intel committee

--Israel’s latest fishy story: it intercepted Hezbollah missiles bound for Gaza

--Steve Horn:  DoD sees climate change impacts as “threat multipliers”, read about it here

--Facebook draws fire for changing rules on gun sales

--Dems launch major counterattack on Koch brothers

--California jobs picture improves—only 2.6 applicants per opening, reduced from 6.2

--Oakland Council balks at citywide surveillance plan