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PBC News & Comment: Game On: CIA Gets FBI to Investigate Senate

FBI enters the fray, as CIA and Senate intel trade accusations: it’s a full-on, spy vs. spy clusterf**k over torture report….Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and generate $15 to the PBC Podcast!

–in Gen. Sinclair court-martial, sex assault victim becomes the target

–Chris Hayes reports Crimean Parliament was 97% re-stocked with pro-Russians last week , as Putin threatens to shut off gas to Ukraine

—-debate over Oakland’s spy center exposes Google’s role as major military-surveillance contractor, Pando report here

–also at Pando, David Sirota’s latest expose on PBS shows that NewsHour is owned by conservative John Malone

–NYT and NewsHour pundit David Brooks opposes solitary confinement, as I discussed with author Dan Berger in this Processing Distortion podcast

NYT follows Maddow in reporting on closure of half of abortion clinics in Texas

–at IRS hearing Issa shuts down Cummings, sparking major protest by Dems

–Rutgers faculty and students oppose Condi Rice as paid commencement speaker

–FreedomPop offers encrypted “Snowden Phone”