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PBC News & Comment: Rand Paul Slams Domestic Surveillance at UC Berkeley

Invoking the ugly legacy of FBI spying on Dr. King, Rand Paul chooses UC Berkeley as setting for anti-surveillance speech…..Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and earn $15 for the PBC Podcast!

–Berkeley has few black students, effort to restore affirmative action killed in Sacramento by Asian-American leaders

— Pentagon’s inspector general was not aware of metadata collection, contradicting NSA boss Alexander

–cue the laughs: CIA flak says “we believe in strong oversight”

–in excerpt from our in-depth interview, reporter Russ Baker talks about contradictions in accounts of the Boston bombing case

–federal judge rebukes “Justice” Dept. for overly broad email searches

–Abu Ghaith takes the stand in NYC trial

–Russia solidifies control over Crimea

–Scotland may secede from the United Kingdom

–Egyptian court gives light sentences to cops who killed 37 Muslims

–Israeli air forces strikes Syrian army targets

–offshore reports suggest US is withholding satellite data on Flight 370, and that 20 passengers worked for US electronic warfare firm

–White House plans climate data website

–Pacifica Radio is imploding, again