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PBC News & Comment: In Military Sex Crime Cases, Offenders Get Off Easy

Military sex trials at Ft. Bragg and Annapolis produce wrist slap and acquittal; our military justice system is badly broken….Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and generate $15 for the PBC Podcast!

–Gen Sinclair beats the rap, gets demotion, fine and reprimand instead of jail time and expulsion from military

–midshipman acquitted of sexual assault where victim was put on trial

–Rachel Maddow airs excellent, long story about murder of Colorado prison chief last year, and links to white extremist gang and Saudis

–Abu Ghaith takes stand to deny being alQaeda plotter

–Sen. Reid orders review of Senate intel computer use in fight with CIA

–NSA lawyer says tech companies knew of PRISM intercepts, and that individual warrants would be “too burdensome”

–Israel bugest $3 billion for attack on Iran

–IRS watchdog warns of phone scam with 20,000 victims

–Chelsea Manning files for formal name change

–old guard deaths:  Fred Phelps, Robert Straus and Lawrence Walsh