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Journalist Robert Parry Adds to Seymour Hersh Disclosures on Syria: Obama, Kerry Misled Us

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Robert Parry of ConsortiumNews returns to update the unproven American assertions that Syria was responsible for chemical weapons attack last August, building on Seymour Hersh’s latest report.Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and earn $15 for the PBC Podcast!

In this important analysis, Parry shows that President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry misled the US and the world last August, flatly stating that they “knew” that Syria had unleashed a chemical attack on August 21.  Parry shows that the “government assessment” offered zero evidence, yet our leaders remain committed to their story, even as it unravels.  Hersh has just published this revealing dispatch that shows, among other things, that the CIA was collecting arms from the Libyan stockpile in Benghazi, and running them to the al Qaeda-affiliated al Nusra Front, via Turkey.  Hersh speculates that Turkey supplied the ingredients for the crude bomb, and offers a detailed account of a frosty dinner meeting with Turkish leader Erdogan at the White House last year.

We note that the corporate media has not followed up on Hersh’s report, allowing the inaccurate narrative to remain unchallenged.  Parry notes that the same people who fell for the ruse of Iraq’s WMD are heavily committed to the old version of the Syria story, and that they feel safe in the “herd”.

And we note some key similarities in the unseen script for Syria that match elements of recent events in Ukraine.