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PBC News & Comment: Robert ParryExtends Recent Sy Hersh Report on Syria and Chemical Weapons Use

We open with an excerpt from our interview with Robert Parry, who examines why mainstream media is ignoring Hersh’s explosive report…Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and generate $15 to the PBC Podcast!

–Robert Parry follows Seymour Hersh expose on the Syrian sarin gas event last August:  Obama, Kerry and media maintain Syria was to blame, despite strong evidence

–Texas Gov. Rick Perry defies Congress on Prison Rape Elimination Act, fine report from Truthout

–Nevada rancher defies feds over cattle grazing on federal lands, and BLM has impounded his cattle

–German Chancellor Merkel has demanded her NSA file, but no response so far

–Reps. Schiff (D-CA) and Jones (R-NC) sponsor Drone Strike Transparency Act

–Steve Horn reports on another TransCanada pipeline to export fracked gas from the US

–in California drought response, Sen. Feinstein favors farms over fish

–listener Andy Dral emails with important comments on how Obama economic policies benefit the rich, and corporations

–Jess Winchester died, Everybody Knows But Me