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PBC News & Comment: Occupy Movement Morphs into The Afterparty

Occupy organizers launch new populist political group, the Afterparty, in Detroit this weekend with impressive manifesto,  platform and grassroots plan….Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and earn $15 for the PBC Podcast!

–new populist political party, the AfterParty, launches in Detroit this Friday…excerpt from Carl Gibson interview

–Supreme Court heard oral arguments on privacy of cell phone contents, but declined to review NDAA.  Here’s commentary from Shahid Buttar

–in strong op-ed, former telco exec says Obama should fire FCC chair Tom Wheeler over net neutrality changes

–White House opens door to tolls on interstates

–Reid opens door to vote on Keystone, may be faking

–in grisly scene, Oklahoma botched an execution

–Egypt sentences 638 to death, no reaction from Obama

–Turkey’s Erdogan wants Gulen extradited from US

–Google will stop scanning emails—of students

–as Randi Rhodes leaves national radio, right winger says conservative hosts are “under siege”