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PBC News & Comment: Carbon Dioxide in Atmosphere Reaches Dangerous New Peak

April’s CO2 levels exceded 400 parts per million, as rail tankers filled with shale crude derail,  explode near Lynchburg, VA…..Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and earn $15 for the PBC Podcast!

–carbon dioxide levels reach new record at 401 parts per million

–shale oil train explodes near Lynchburg, VA, Steve Horn reports

–White House exposes 55 big universities for failure to deal with rape on campus

–reports of sex crimes in military increase 50%, according to new report

–in Israel, Netanyahu embraces law defining Israel as Jewish state, which would codify apartheid

–John Kerry grovels because he used the word “apartheid”, read this great analysis by Robert Parry

–Senate holds “dark money hearing”, with very little coverage

–federal judge overturns Wisconsin voter photo ID law, Bradblog has the story

–in Afghanistan, corruption is bigger problem than Taliban

–waves of violence continue during Iraq elections