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Journalist Lou Wolf Confronts the “Truth Emergency”, and Pays Tribute to the Late John Judge

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Louis Wolf, co-founder of Covert Action Quarterly and editor of Rock Creek Free Press, talks about the challenge of exposing government lies, and honors his friend and colleague, John Judge, who died recently.

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Wolf talks about the decades-long efforts to expose the truth about the JFK and RFK assassinations, continuing with 9/11 and other events.  He pays tribute to his longtime friend and colleague, John Judge, who died after a stroke in April.  Judge was a longtime researcher on the JFK case, and organized annual conferences in Dallas each November, including the 50th anniversary last November.  He was a leader in investigating the group deaths at Jonestown, Guyana (which were not all Kool-aid induced suicides) and many other controversies.  We talk at some length about Judge and the investigations into the events of 9/11 and the efforts, successful to date, to suppress the truth and block new inquiries.

And we talk about the “truth emergency” in our country, the result of decades of lies and covert operations that leave big canyons between the official narratives and hard evidence.  PBC relates how, with assistance from Judge’s friend Kyle Hence, he gave Nancy Pelosi a copy of David Ray Griffin’s New Pearl Harbor; that you can bring truth to power, and power can say, “no thank you”.