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PBC News & Comment: Do-Nothing House Doubles Down on Benghazi, IRS Scandals

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–do-nothing Congress doubles down on distractions and distortions:  Benghazi and IRS scandals provide catnip for GOP base

–NSA reform bill gets unanimous committee vote

–pressure builds on FCC over Net Neutrality

–industry execs oppose Comcast-Time/Warner deal

–CA Senate tunes out lobbyists, passes bill to require kill switch on smart phones

–Colorado attempts to bring marijuana cash to banks, concerns remain about Feds

–Obama hits California ATM, draws protests for visit to WalMart store

International updates:

–Boko Haram massacres 300, still holds 280 schoolgirls

–Ukranian separatists defy Putin, plan referendum Sunday

–Thai court forces out Prime Minister Shinawatra

–Syrian opposition vacates Homs, says it was for humanitarian reasons