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PBC News & Comment: Ed Schultz Cancels His Syndicated Radio Show

Another one bites the dust: Ed Schultz ends syndicated radio show after 10 years, will shift to  one-hour daily webcast.....Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and earn $15 for the PBC Podcast!

--sharply weakened “NSA reform” bill passes House 303-121

--in The Guardian, Jason Leopold quotes redacted Pentagon report that calls Snowden leaks “grave” and “damaging” with no proof

--Australian newspaper reports that FBI continues to target WikiLeaks and Assange

--Senate thwarts Rand Paul’s plan to filibuster, moves forward on confirmation of killer-drone-memo-author David Barron to judgeship

--Justice Dept reverses ban on recording interrogations

--trial by leaks and press releases continues for Tsarnaev

--yesterday, the military takeover in Thailand was “not a coup; today, it is

--Egyptian judge sentences Mubarak and sons to prison

--Russia and China veto UN resolution on Syria war crimes

--federal judge orders release of Gitmo videos of force feeding

--White House quietly changes Obamacare rules to favor insurance industry

--Mike Marino’s "pease" flag and small world coincidences