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PBC News & Comment: Ed Schultz Cancels His Syndicated Radio Show

Another one bites the dust: Ed Schultz ends syndicated radio show after 10 years, will shift to  one-hour daily webcast…..Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and earn $15 for the PBC Podcast!

–sharply weakened “NSA reform” bill passes House 303-121

–in The Guardian, Jason Leopold quotes redacted Pentagon report that calls Snowden leaks “grave” and “damaging” with no proof

–Australian newspaper reports that FBI continues to target WikiLeaks and Assange

–Senate thwarts Rand Paul’s plan to filibuster, moves forward on confirmation of killer-drone-memo-author David Barron to judgeship

–Justice Dept reverses ban on recording interrogations

–trial by leaks and press releases continues for Tsarnaev

–yesterday, the military takeover in Thailand was “not a coup; today, it is

–Egyptian judge sentences Mubarak and sons to prison

–Russia and China veto UN resolution on Syria war crimes

–federal judge orders release of Gitmo videos of force feeding

–White House quietly changes Obamacare rules to favor insurance industry

–Mike Marino’s “pease” flag and small world coincidences