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Peace Activist Mike Marino is Re-introducing His ‘Pease’ Flag From the 1970’s

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Sharing stories of small-world coincidences, Mike Marino is looking for your support to re-launch his “Pease” flag during this time of conflict in many parts of our world.Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and earn $15 for the PBC Podcast!

Mike Marino, a veteran peace activist, tells how he designed his “Pease” (sic) flag back in the 1970’s and gave a flag to the captain of a 105-foot sailing vessel called Fri (pronounced “free”) while the boat was in drydock near San Francisco.  Two years later, he saw his flag flying on Fri in a documentary recounting the flotilla of boats that blocked French nuclear tests in Tahiti.  He shares another story of coincidence that you’ll hear, too.  And he explains why he spelled “pease” with an “s” instead of a “c”.

Marino is seeking crowdfunding to re-introduce his Pease flag.

Get more info at his website, here;  learn more of the history here.  He mentions his appearance on the Granada Forum radio show, linked here.

And kick in a few bucks here!