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PBC News & Comment: Welcome to the United States of Secrets

On secret Afghanistan trip,  Obama revealed his secret plan to delay withdrawal, and (secret) identity of CIA chief is exposed…..Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and earn $15 for the PBC Podcast!

-Obama plays “I’ve Got a Secret”:  on secret trip to Afghanistan, he reveals that some US troops will remain after 2014

–unable to manage all the secrets, White House press office revealed name of CIA station chief in Kabul

–secret courts and magistrates issue secret orders, Obama has signed 18 secret orders, Congress has secret legislation;  Brennan Center’s Jeremy Carp lists it all

–secret Pentagon program has deployed US troops to 4 African nations

–secret process watered down the already-weak NSA reform bill

–corporate media finally give partial coverage of the secret use of fusion centers to monitor Occupy

–Uncle Frank Heekin dies at age 94

–John Vasconcellos dies at age 82; for nearly 40 years, he was a major force in California policy and politics

–EU elections show rising strength of conservatives, nationalists

–Ukraine election taps chocolate magnate Poroshenko, as forces retake Donetsk airport, killing dozens of pro-Russian separatists